Deep lasting memories evoked through music.


Music when I woke this morning and bravely read the next part of our writing journey, music it says, I love music. As a child my parents always rocked out the vinyl, Elvis, Connie Francis, Dolly Parton, country music, the 60’s my era of the 80’s. Tapes, CD and now downloads have been a big part of my life. I tried to think, driving to work, What three songs would I choose. I sit here trying to tell you my thoughts from this morning and Blank! how I wish I could bottle up those thoughts they seem so clear, now so cloudy.  For me songs are about memories and the people around me. I listen to songs and say I like that and wonder why, what is that I like about that song. Before I completed my University degree music was just like that, some music made me cry, some made me happy and other quite frankly made me ecstatically giddy especially with a few glasses of wine down my neck, dancing oh music and dancing! These days I listen to the words and its the words that move me, what does it mean, how do the words effect me and what impact do they have on my life.  My three songs are about the memories that well up inside me, they are not my favourite songs or even one’s I play regular, just reflections of the past and future.

The first song is Chain Reaction by Cher, if you could see me now smiling away vividly seeing my little girl being swung around in a crazy swirl around the room, again, again, hair, not that she had much,  swooping and swirling across her face, that smile, that laughter, oh no dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy . we stand there swaying from side to side, I hold her tight, eyes rolling around, mouth open………..again, again, again. The laughter in the room is infectious, her face is mesmerizing. Again we go around and around, until we flop on the sofa for one big hug.

The second song I chose is Elton Johns, Are You Ready for Love. I din’t know it at the time, but that was the song that was telling me “are you ready” not for love but for my independence, to live my life and be free from the shackles I had allowed myself to be bound by. I was making decisions, I had grown, I finally was becoming ME! . No No it all came crashing down, I wasn’t ready, I allowed myself to shackled again, I wasn’t strong enough. This song I believed set alight a fire that eventually exploded and burnt down my barriers to living and to ME. Although the fire was hot, the cool waters of my new life have dampened the flames, the embers are still smoldering in the distance there to protect me, but I don’t think I will need them now.

My final song belongs to both myself and my husband,one our wedding song that we debated and spent many hours choosing. This was the song to walk or in our case run out of the church. the first two songs told a story of how we felt for each other, but this one had to be about our future and what this day is about. When I suggested Mcfly, Love is Easy Gary dismissed it straight away . Based on both our past experiences LOVE was not EASY. We talked, we laughed, I have overcome his OCD and he has learned to live with my chaotic mismatched, unorganised, funny, witty, grotty! ways. And we found that love is easy, turbulent and messy sometimes. Wherever he is we say good night and good morning and in between we carry on with our day knowing that there is someone there to discuss our day, someone to smile at and just to be .

Those are my memories enchanted into music.

music and memories