My action research project is beginning to take shape, I have been adding in startegies over the month to evaluate the responses, this has been done on a slow pace as not to bombard students with too much change at one. Change is something that is a barrier to their learning. The group has been working on improving how they lear, although it wasn’t until today’s session that I connected up those strategies with how they have motivated students to learn. We discussed students change in behaviour to complete amended work and how the tracking form that students signed when work is completed provided students with motivation to complete work on time, especially when other students were. When I originally  asked students what timely targets where they said yes, however had not fully understood what they were and the purpose. In today’ session I explained how the targets worked and why work had to be completed on time, I also discussed how meeting deadlines and targets will be something that students will need to take autonomy over with their progression to level 2 and especially in level 3. Most students could see the benefit to making sure work is completed on time. When asked how they could improve this skill and what strategy they could employ. CJS informed the group that we could use the calendars more effectively. I had introduced the calendars to increase learners knowledge of timely targets, however had not really interpreted them into my classroom routine. In today’s session students are able to link the strategy to how it would improve their own learning. Reflecting on the use of the calendar I will begin to encourage the use of the calendars to further review the usefulness of them and whether they actually do provide learners with autonomy over their work. Students were introduced to new vocabulary of how to learn, linking strategies to how they learn. Students listed how they learned see mind maps. I introduced the students to mindset and asked them what they thought it meant. It was interesting to see how experiences influenced the conversation especially for one student EE. EE use of languished was negative, she was able to describe a fixed mindset and how the effects of bullying and other peoples negatives words had influenced her. This answers many questions about this students who has struggled, especially with her written work. Verbally she is able to link prior knowledge to questions that are asked of her . We continued to discuss a positive mindset. Most students engaged and produced the vocabulary to describe the qualities attributed to a growth mindset. These are the words I now intend to use and words that will form part of my learning environment to reinforce positively. During the session we viewed a power point presentation on deciding the right path to claim a mountain metaphorically speaking. Whilst watching students I watched their reactions and most where engaged . PP falling asleep why? What barriers are there? ZS very disengaged, very little confidence. In the last assignment I have provided feedback that describes their work demonstrating a lack of effort that had been previously demonstrated with other units. I was careful not to divulge this information, but, I wanted to link effort to success. Some of the issues I had reflected upon today I will discuss with students so I can have a better understanding of students motivations and barriers.  In the session tomorrow we will build on the vocabulary for a growth mindset and explore learning styles. My intentions are for students to understand how they learn and for them to look at ways, strategies for them to build upon to improve motivation and autonomy. 


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