Lost forever!part two. 

There was a big celebration in the house, granny and grandpa had been there too. All of us had been allowed to attend. There was a big feast and the weather was glorious. Every one was happy, I smiled, I danced and joined in with the merriment. I was older and beginning to understand my feeling now and understood my sadness. Granny and Grand pa never mentioned mum and dad. I remember once asking if I would ever see them ever again, granny cried and grandpa had a sad forlorn look in his eyes. Grandpa looks old and has never lost that look of sadness, even when he is joining in with the merriment, he looks lost and sad just like me. The next day I overheard granny discussing me with uncle John and aunt Geraldine, she looked like my mum, although her features are a little more, shall we say, less flattering. “Just wait a little longer” I heard grandpa say . ” she’s not coming back dad” I heard her say with a tremble to her voice. She should know what happened,Uncle John grunted. Jenny shouted from the kitchen, I didn’ t want them to know I had been listening.  Granny and grandpa left the next day. The day’s continued as before even though the war had ended, we continued to play on the beech and and go to school. DurIng the summer holidays, it was raining outside so I decided to Look for a book to read, that’s when I came across the letter, it was addressed to me , I looked around the room, nobody was about so I picked it up and tentatively opened it up, “my darling I am so sorry we had To leave you, one day you will understand, oh I hope you understand, I can’t bear the thought of you hating us both. This is the last time I will be able to contact you. Just remember we love you, our darling little girl.”  It was dated 5 years age. I don’t understand, where did they go? Why did they leave? Why would I hate them? Someone was comings what do I do? Shall I put the letter back? No it’s my letter, so I quickly crumpled the letter up and ran to the beech, tears burning my eyes and skin has they rolled down, my cheek. That letter is mine. I sat on the beech for ages, it was beginning to get cold and dark. I heard Jeremy call, suddenly he was beside me. 


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