Enter the utopia world of learning


My world isn’t a fantasy, with some hard work it can be reality that  is plummeted into the depths of our consciousness,  our growth mindset rather than the relics of shadows to our failures,  an environment that is unevenly proportioned and compartmentalised that it causes people to stumble. The zone of proximal development has become stilted like a pyramid of old fashioned books, dull, dank, disinterested, shadows of failed ambitions. A teacher led session is taking place, she resembles a wooden character from Pinocchio, fixed and rooted, working automatically like the building of cars on the assemble line, everyone the same, some have problems and need to be sent back to the manufacturer, some will always have a life long ignition dilemma, where passions for learning are dampened rather than ignited.

The room is quiet the fixed mindset has been firmly rooted  in the silence of lost ambition, passion and growth.  “I can’t do this so whats the point…My mum says she was never good at school so i am not good either… I wonder what I can do for tea…listen to the birds they are tweeting away living in a garden of sweet smelling aromas of a process environment…that’s where I want to be.” A spark ignites, has the problem been solved, no, but a sea of wooden figures are slowing gaining life,”I am human”.  Its uneven, there are places to stumble and fall, places to fail, a place to explore your sameness and individuality.   A place where you can plant a seed and watch it grow depending on the intake of water and the amount of sun the seed is exposed to. It is a beautiful place if you are willing to have a belief in yourself, to keep trying your best, practice, challenge yourself and develop a process of growing your mind, changing your behaviors, building a culture of success and students individual achievements.

You are the sacred keeper of the garden of utopia, you hold the key you are the ghosts who sends the messages to be decoded. Send the right messages decode the growth mindset. A garden doesn’t grow without hard work and qualities of  personal beliefs  with the aromas of our personalities developing within a zone that scaffolds and motivates and imitates the behaviors of the guardians of Utopia, the growing minds of self belief, an array of colours that have selfishly taken time to open up and show us the of results of our labour. Cast your mind over our garden and feast on its sweet smell of learning and achievement. The swaying of the tulip, upright and proud looking forwarding to the sun. “I am here, my colours are bold I may sway in the gentle wind but I keep coming back, I will succeed, this may take some time and effort and I may always sway.   When I was growing I needed a stick to scaffold and  hold me up now I am free. I have autonomy, I have a purpose withing my challenges, I will master my skill. “Here young Rose, make my stick smaller and stick it in the ground near you, so you have the choice to support your growth.”

The Rockery Plants flourish within their soggy undergrowth, the Daisy grow small but strong and determined, Marigolds, Dandelions, Blossoms trees, Carnations, Jasmine cumulatively encompasses ones lifetime and experiences. The garden is a fusion of colours and smells, a sea of Bluebells,  a burst of wild flowers all blossoms within a renewal of growth that is rooted in a belief from positive praise, feedback that encourages improvement and growth. Connection of what is known to what will be known, mastery, challenge, autonomy, purpose, imitating influences and behaviours within a collaboration and ethos of “I can’t do it YET!” A world where growth is possible given the right tools, motivation and dedication from all who swim in the growth mindset. grow your mindset


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